Independence Exercises (InEx)

Interactive language learning exercises for
cross-cultural cooperative learning

supported EU Commission

The InEx project creates interactive exercises that are used for learning languages. They support the teaching of vocabulary, grammar, practical writing and creative writing. There are between 50 and 100 separate exercises in the languages of the participating countries. These are Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Spain. As well as the exercises, the project creates an online learning community that will provide further development of the materials by voluntary means.

InEx is used in a complementary fashion with existing language teaching, whether it be traditional paper-based programmes or web-based resources. The project actively seeks co-operative relationships with existing initiatives.

The exercises can be used in schools, in further education, continuing education and adult education. They can be used individually or colectively within a class. Importantly, the project organises contests to enable individuals to test their skills against other participants in other countries.

1. NGO Miks ja Millepärast, Estonia - Coordinator
2. Didagroup S.p.A, Italy
3. Hamburger Volkshochschule, Germany
4. Didacom Iberoamerica, Spain
5. Smiltenes Gimnazijas datorcentrs, Latvia
6. The Second Private High School, Poland
7. Youth Career and Advising Centre, Lithuania

InEx forum
- open for InEx consortium only


February 2006

* Help files of new exercise types are translated.

January 2006

* 2 more exercise types added to InEx platform

December 2005

* All the partners have their own sites. Sites and InEx language exercises in their language are seen from here: Lithuania, Latvia, Polish, German, Spanish,Italian, Estonian.

* Dissemination event - all partners were involved. Two international contests, in one contest we had 330 contestants and in another 849 contestants. Results are seen from here.

November 2005

* InEx project dissemination in Kaunas (by Lithuanian partner.

October 2005
* 3rd Consortium meeting in Estonia and Latvia
* Help files translated into Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish

September 2005
* InEx exercise environment @ LeFo called MentalLanguage
* Help files created how to use exercises and make them

August 2005
* 3 more exercise types added to InEx platform

June 2005
* First draft of userguide is ready. Thanks Italy and Germany and Spain for great job! Discussions continue
* Over 30 00 users have taken part in InEx exercises smaples and contests made to disseminate InEx project.
* Interim report sent in time

June, 2005 Thanks, Ralf - InEx German partner, Hamburger Volkshochschule - for the nice logo (see upper lefo corner). See InEx auf Deutsch @ http://independex.de/

June, 2005 Winners of the InEx language learning ideas contest are announced, see it from the news! Take a look at the ideas database from here!

May, 2005 Second meeting in Rome May 26-29, 2005

May, 2005 InEx new partners (Lithuania and Poland) are on board now.

May, 2005 InEx new contest (InEx language game) is ready for testing by the partners of InEx. Go to the lefo.net and find the game from the mainpage.

April, 2005 We have proposed Commission new partners and we are waiting for the answer.

MArch, 2005 "Professionals of the Baltics" contest will end soon. In Lithuania there are about 400 contestants and in other Baltic countries the number of contestants is big also. Very soon Lithuania will be fully on InEx board.

February, 2005 InEx contest of collecting language exercise ideas started. We are waiting several language learning ideas, what are based on one language.

Nov 29, 2004 first InEx contest is launched. Its about testing software engine on which InEx multilingual exercises will be based. Go to Estonian language Miksike LearningFolders and press on Keelemiks link

"Kick off" meeting in Gdansk Dec. 9-12, 2004

October 2004 Project started 1.10.2004.