MentalMath eXcitement
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The output of eXcitement is a software platform and a mathematics/science learners virtual community development tool.

eXcitement is a collaborative learning platform providing software, content and user support (including pedagogical guidance, help and "matchmaking" tools for finding partnerships for joint activities). The eXcitement web server, database "question engine" casts questions in a random sequence to users on screen. Participants have to solve the questions as quickly as possible. Organizers of the events can choose the level of difficulty and topic.

The primary target group is regular schools, but the project is open to all ages. eXcitement has great potential for memory training for the elderly and disabled.

The eXcitement partnership involves different organizations from 6 countries (BE, EE, FI, LV, NL, UK) each of whom has a strong connection with the target group in their own countries as well as other important strategic external relationships. Additionally eXcitement will be disseminated in other countries (LT, ES, PL, SI etc).


1. Laagna Gymnasium, EE
2. Estonian SchoolHeads Association, EE
3. School Heads Association Belgium, BE
4. Jyv�skyl� High School, FI
5. Miksike LearningFolders, EE
6. Knownet Ltd, UK
7. Smiltene Gymnasium, LV
8. RayCom, NL

Forum - for consortium members only. Remember that you need to be logged in to see the threads!


Majority of improvement to eXcitement platform made during validation are implemented. Theres still some things to do. See current version

RayCom, our Dutch partner organizes 4th consortium meeting for eXcitement.
Press here for more.....

After several testing sessions first real eXcitement project event took place. 24 teams participated. Server worked correctly. Best resutls were showed by 4 teams:
Jussu, Veelmaad, tupsununnud, Alfons
Still work to do and implement improvement teachers suggessted.

See exciting questions for eXcitement contest here

Good news for Christmas. Improved eXcitement "events area" ready. Take a look here ... you need to log in to see it better :)

Pictures tell 1000 times better, then words. Take a look at eXcitement consortium meeting pictures and how besides inside consortium discussions also hunderds of teachers internationally heard about the project and promised solutions. Thanks, Sara, for pictures. Press here

First drafts of help files and guidlines published to MentalScience environment. .. Lots of work to do still :) And discuss.

3rd eXitement consortium meeting Smiltene, Latvia & “afterparty” in Tartu, Estonia 26.-29. Oct.

eXcitement exercises/games question database engine draft ready. Log in and take a look

Knownet, UK made a flyer. Enjoy!

Galician Schools join MentalMath eXcitement and InEx Read more! Egyptians and Slovenians join too :)

05.14.05 MentalMath first dissemination event was a success. nearly 80 000 users tried this activity out and 10 000 participated in official contest.
Pranglimine/Rekni Galva/Matmintinis international finals was held in Laagna Gymnasium. Results here!

First prototype of the database engine ready for testing 04.26.05 eXcitement consortium second meeting will be held in Wales June 23-25, 2005

Translation tool ready

MentalMath eXcitement got a nice kick-off in Leigo.

MentalMath eXcitement consortium Kick-Off meeting in Leigo, Estonia 4th-6th February 2005!

First eXcitement disemination event started - Pranglimine/Rekni Galva/Matmintis contest started!